Main Artists


Liu Bin
 Artistic Director of the BFDC, AAA-class State Artist, celebrated Tenor; member of Chinese Association of Musicians; appeared in numerous leading roles in the national celebration galas and festivals; debuted more than one hundred songs and published his own albums; multiple award winner including CCTV Singing Competition (Folk Songs), National Forces Arts Competitions, Special Contribution Award etc.


Ding Xiaojun
An outstanding Beijing Opera Singer of the BFDC; AA-class State Artist, multiple award winner including the National Forces Competition - 1st Prize; National Opera Competition - Red Plum Golden Award and 1st Prize in Acting; in 2005 and 2008, the Silver and Gold Medalists of the CCTV Beijing Opera Competitions; won the title of Star of the Red Plum; in 2006, she was accepted as an approved disciple of Grand Master of Du Jinfang.


Xiao Lin
AAA-class State Artist, famed cross-talk performer and artist; pupiled and studied under Grand Master Liu Sichang for Shandong Kuaishu; debutant performance at age of 4; then studied under Master Ma Ji for cross-talk; multiple award winner in cross-talk competitions; performed for 12 consecutive years at the top show of CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening; written and debuted more than one hundred cross-talk scripts including the popular piece "Learn to Broadcast"; in 1995, won the top prize for cross-talk - Hou Baolin Golden Award.


Yang Chi
Artistic Director of Dalian Opera Troupe; AAA-class State Artist; the prominent leader and inheritor of the famed Master Yuan Shihai’s method of Beijing Opera; specialized in the skill set of the role of Painted Faces, including the copper hammer and the warrior of the martial arts – recognized as the all-round Painted Face Opera Singer; Chairman of Dalian Opera Association; among many prizes and competitions, he is the prized winner of Plum Flower of Operas and Gold Medalist of Mei Lanfang Award;  toured and performed in the United States, France, Japan and many other countries; won accolades everywhere he performed.


Yin Zhuolin ————————————————
AAA-class Artist, Cross-talk performer of Central Troupe of Song and Dance of the National Forces; performed numerous times at the top show of CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening; Gold Medal winner of the National Peony Competition for Folk Arts (Cross-talk category) – earning the title of “Best Comedian – Star of the Laugh-maker”; often invited to perform in front of the state dignitaries, both in China and overseas (over more than twenty countries).


Li Suyang
Magician of the BFDC; member of the international association of magicians (IMB); in 2011, becoming the honorary member of the Canadian Association of Magicians; specialized in blending songs into magician’s artistry and bringing the Chinese magician’s performing level to a new high; in 2005, winner of the 1st prize of Shanghai Close-up/Close-range Magician’s Competition; in 2006, winner of the Outstanding Award of the Shanghai Magician’s Member Club; in 2009, won the top prize in the entertainment show of "The Grand Magician" in Taiwan.


Yiang Qi
Artistic Director of the Music Band attached to Beijing Military Group for the Artistic Song and Dance Troup;  famed Accordion Player, AAA-class State Actor; performed in numerous prominent spectacles and shows; one of the guest artists for CCTV special soloist performing and taping;  the accordion player for the popular TV soap operas including Spy Games, Borrowing An Gun and ten others; the accordion player for the feature film - “The Sky of Urumuqi”, the first of its kind of showcasing the accordion as the main music instrument for music scores.


Zhang Dawei
Soloist/Singer of the BFDC; graduated from the Music Academy of Shenyang; the lead singer in the classic song of The Suite of the Long March;  the finalist for the role of Don Giovanni sponsored by the city of Verona, Italy; played the leading role in the Chinese song and dance spectacle of "The First Emperor" - the leading role of Emperor Qingshihuang.


Hu Jiangli
Soprano of the BFDC; A-class Actress; graduated from the Music Academy of Shanghai; performed at China Asia Forum and at the preliminary rounds of the World Vocal/Singing Competition hosted by Baoli Theatre; her signature songs include "And", “The Virtues of China", “The Song of the Yangtze River” and “A Glass of Beautiful Wine” etc.


Zhang Yang
Alto Singer; A-class Actress; graduated from the Academy of National Forces; her signatures songs include "The Bright Moon Far Away" and "The Grapes Are Ripe in Tulufan" etc.


Wang Sheng
Actress/Dancer of the BFDC; the 1st prize winner of the 6th Competition of Cup of the Peaches and Plums (Dance Category); winner of the 3rd prize at CCTV’s 4th & 5th Dance Competitions; and winner of the Special Award at the 8th National Dance Competition; performed the lead roles as Daiyu in Dream of A Red Chamber and in the dance spectacle of The Soul of Chinaware, in which she delivered an award winning performance.


Guo Yuhan
Master of Ceremony of the BFDC; performed the role of MC in many important spectacles and shows; in October 2011, at the People's Congress Hall - Road to Resurrection; in June 2012, at the spectacle of "Integrity . Mission" of the National Forces celebration gala etc.


Beijing Friendship Dance Company

Founded in 1937, the Beijing Friendship Dance Company is a large cultural group that engages in variety of art genres including voice, dance, folk forms, drama, Peijing opera, instrumental music, TV show and music production.